All business faces challences

No two companies face exactly the same challenges. We provide independent, original problem-solving support, tailoring our approach to each client's needs, goals, culture and circumstances. But while we insist on custom solutions, we follow a consistent approach to working with clients. We believe this approach offers advantages to both our teams and our clients. The key elements of our approach are outlined below.

Top-management point of view

We focus on issues of concern to top management. As businesses grow in scale and complexity, clients find that an integrated perspective becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. We help our clients take a strategic, big-picture view: how changes will affect each part of the organisation as well as relationships with customers, competitors, regulators, investors, and suppliers. We give executives practical, hands-on recommendations so they can successfully negotiate complexity.

Establish a solid fact base

Our consultants are uncompromising in their analysis of a particular situation. We take a fact-based approach to management challenges, building on disciplined thinking. Our rigorous problem solving approach gives client executives the confidence that all options have been thoroughly evaluated and that the weight of evidence is behind the recommended course of action.

Bring the best consultants and partners

No single consultant or partner can bring everything to a client relationship. Instead, we assemble a client service team best suited for each engagement, drawing on our network. Corton provides a focused team operating with a non-political agenda. We only use seasoned senior executives with a track record of the successful delivery of change.

Work with clients

We have a clear understanding of the difference between consulting and managing – our role is to supplement managers throughout the duration of an assignment. Client executives work closely with us to probe options, test ideas, and implement changes. By collaborating with our clients throughout engagements, we build support, ensure momentum, and reach workable solutions that will have real impact.

Preserve confidentiality

We prefer not to discuss our clients or the work we do on their behalf. This policy best serves our clients' interests and safeguards independence and objectivity.

How might we work together on a project? Take a look at our engagement model.

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