Engagement model


Rather than overstretching fixed headcount, clients can plug our variable-cost expertise and resources into their organisation so that they can ensure total focus on both running the day-to-day business and delivering strategic projects.

Commercial Engagement

The scope and duration of our consulting engagements is determined together with our clients and depends upon a number of factors. These factors include the stage at which we become involved in a project and the clarity of the requirements. We will normally work full-time on the engagement and integrate into the client's own project team from project definition through to implementation.

Typically a three phase approach is adopted with a significant proportion of our assignments. The first phase usually involves a determination the business or project requirements and a scoping exercise for the activities or project to be delivered. This work is normally carried out on a time-boxed time and materials basis where timescales and the level of effort is fixed. Deliverables might include a scope of work or project terms of reference, options and selection criteria and a detailed project plan.

The second phase will normally require the implementation of the project plan, or elements of that plan, and can be carried out on a time and materials or fixed price basis, depending on the risk profile and the client's attitude towards contingency costs. The final phase would typically involve some form of handover or support activity.

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