Why Corton?

Why do and why should companies use Corton to help with their business needs? Here is a selection of the reasons why our Clients say they work with us.

Depth and breadth of experience

Corton has seasoned consultants from a variety of different sectors who can hit the deck running. Clients rely on our consultants to be uncompromising in their analytics and a source for ideas and insights. Most of our consultants have operated at board level for many years and within many different types of company. Corton has a well-developed network of partners and contacts covering a range of business skills from investment to technical strategy. CVs are available on request.

Organisational approach

We approach problems from an integrated top-management perspective, taking into account the trade-offs that senior managers must make. Additionally Corton’s virtual company structure affords:

Continuity of support

Corton can enter at any point in the business or project lifecycle providing support from inception to implementation and into support and maintenance.

Industry best practice

There are proven good practices within any industry sector. Making good use of them can reduce the risks associated with a project. Additionally Corton has a core library of solutions, which can be used and customised to fit in with clients existing practices and processes.

Measurable delivery

On any assignment we endeavour to define clear and specific objectives, which are measurable. Where possible we will agree contracts with our clients where payment is made only on attainment of specific targets.

Knowledge transfer

We ensure that our client has full ownership of any intellectual capital and that in-house teams are capable of working with any developed solutions. We can help recruit and mentor our replacements; ensuring change is fully bedded in.

Further information

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